Hidden Tricks To Score At FIFA 19 EFFORTLESSLY

Hidden Tricks To Score At FIFA 19 EFFORTLESSLY

Welcome to your ultimate guide for scoring in FIFA 19! Shooting this was recrafted almost from scratch, the shots are different this year and you will have to relearn it. With the new time finishing system and the new driven shot, almost everything about the shooting was redone this year.

After building your Ultimate Team you can gather the best players possible in the game. However, you will still struggle to win matches if you don’t know very well how to score. Of course, a good team helps, but that is not nearly enough to win in the most competitive game modes. We have made this tutorial for you to put together everything we know so that shooting is no longer a mystery for you.

FIFA 19 Driven Shot

In FIFA 18 we used to tape the shooting button twice to perform a low shot that was most of the time in the back of the net. This year double tapping this button needs timing and it does not perform the low driven shot. It is very important that you make sure you slow down before performing this. The driven shot can be executed by holding L1 and R1 and press shot you will have to hold the shot button a little bit to charge your shot.

Best way to Score More Goals in FIFA 19

It is intuitive and easier to use the same kind of shots every time, players find themselves doing the same kind of shots every match without realizing it. Shooting is an effective way to win there are no doubts there, but hitting the same kind of shots in every situation would not help. Every particular situation has its own effective shot. We will cover them in this section:

1v1: On 1v1 with a goalkeeper, the most effective shot to execute is the driven shot. It seems to find the bottom corner of the net every time.

Outside the box: Outside the box is the best way to score in FIFA 19, it is recommended to use the time finishing with the latest updates you will need to master it to get the cursor green. Without time finishing you can score these shots as they really overpowered this year, but timing them gives you an edge over your opponents.

Pass + direct shot:  Timing a shot after a pass exactly when the player receives the ball is a very effective way to score many goals, either outside or inside the box. It is always overpowered and finds the back of the net.

It is very important to remember that with every kind of shot you will need to shot in direction of the player’s body, in FIFA 18 it was effective to shot the opposite direction. This year you will have to forget that. Every shot should be in the direction of the player’s body.

Shield the ball under pressure

When you are under pressure, and you will face this situation in almost every online match, it is very important to shield the ball. Hold L1/LB and your touches will become shorter, and you’ll shield the ball from anyone coming in from behind. This way, it’s a lot easier to spot a perfect through ball or back pass, and if there’s not one available, you can use it to temporize a little bit until one of the AI players from your team makes a run or you can make them do it by taping R3 on their direction. You might also dribble and make space for your teammates to make the runs and find more space behind the defense.


How to Score most Corners in FIFA 19

The nearest post is a sweet spot for headers this year, it is one of the most effective ways to score corners. In corners, you might as well control one player and use him as a decoy to send the corner directly to him, while you do that the opponent will see it and try to place defenders near that player. All you have to do then is use him to pass the ball to another teammate to score, this a very effective way to score corners when you master it. Welcome to buy fifa 19 coins.