What to do for Newbie Lineage 2 Classic

What to do for Newbie Lineage 2 Classic

As an MMORPG, Lineage II Classic gives the impression of a refreshing and fun adventure. However, the name of the game is definitely the purpose of being strong. That is why MMORPG players usually like to compete to show the greatness of the characters they play. However, being strong in an MMORPG is not an easy thing. Therefore, getting some tips that can help you is certainly not to be missed. Here are some tips that we collected to increase the strength of the characters you play. Hopefully, it will be able to facilitate your journey at lineage 2 classic Adena!

Create four Characters

As you might already know, Lineage II Classic has 4-character slots, which you can fill with the characters you will play. Fortunately, until now all the slots are free of charge to use, or free. Then, what are the advantages of filling all the slots as we recommend? As it turns out, every additional character you have will provide extra status for the characters you will play. Each level possessed by another character will add 0.01% of the physical attack statistics, magic attacks, HP number, MP number, physical defense, and magic defense. Well, if you have three additional characters with level 20, then your character’s statistics will get an additional 0.60%! Look a little? If the character you are playing has a high level, then 0.60% will be multiplied by your statistic, and the additional amount will be large!

Always Prioritize Main Quests

Maybe these tips look just natural to do. Without being told, even if you will do it ‘right? But you need to know that completing the main quest gives Experience value and money that is far greater than you are grinding in the same period of time to complete the quest. Therefore, you will level up faster and get stronger! In addition, completing the main quest is also a key requirement for opening various game features, and most of them provide new options to strengthen the character. In addition, the main quest provided a variety of very interesting prizes, and many of the prizes contained top-grade weapons and combat equipment. There are also milestones that give red crystal prizes every time you complete a number of quests. Moreover, you certainly will not miss a red crystal, right. Especially to buy top-grade equipment at the Shop! Quests also give you lineage 2 classic na Adena.

Choose Weapons First!

Running out of Adena, you can get l2 classic adena by buying it. When you meet the option to increase upgrades of weapons or armor, always prioritize weapons! Why is that? Increasing the strength of weapons can be said to be difficult in this game. Materials for upgrading are a bit (because they will eat other weapons or Weapon Varnish items), and weapons gifts from quests are rare. Same with upgrade scroll, prioritize weapons! Why do we feel it is very important to prioritize weapons? Because it is better to have a big attack and give the enemy a little chance to hit you, than your arm is strong, but the enemy has a lot of opportunities to attack. Because, the more attacks the enemy has, the greater their chance to give you critical damage with great damage.

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