3 Ways The Online Arena Has Changed Bingo

The internet has changed the way that we do so many things – the game of Bingo being no exception to the rule.  We have all become virtual citizens of a parallel cyber world.  It is only natural that many of the activities that we enjoy have crossed over with us into the digital realm.  Not only have the activities been digitalised – they have also been changed by the online arena.

The online arena has changed the game of Bingo in 3 significant ways.

The Variety Of The Games On Offer

Traditional land-based Bingo halls and clubs usually offer two varieties of play, namely 90 ball and 75 ball Bingo.  On the other hand, online NZD casino and Bingo sites across the globe – not being as heavily restricted by space and operational running costs – are able to offer a wider variety of games.  Online Bingo sites usually feature the traditional 90 ball and 75 ball games, but also include 30 and 50 ball Bingo.  When time isn’t  a factor and space-constraints non-existent, the possibilities become endless.

The Speed At Which The Games Are Played

A night out at a traditional brick and mortar Bingo hall is exactly that – a night out.  Surveys indicate that players make the trip hoping firstly for meaningful and sociable engagement, and secondly for the possibility of winnings.  With online players, the time frame is generally more fluid.  Online Bingo progresses at roughly 3 times the speed of regular Bingo.  Everything is quicker online, from the actual playing to the verification of winning cards.  Automatic verification performed by a computer is a great deal quicker than physically having to check a player’s card at a Bingo hall.

Input And Output – Cost And Size Of The Prize

On average, a typical trip to a physical Bingo hall (tickets, eats and drinks) tallies in at a staggering twenty times more than a virtual game accessed from the comfort of one’s own home.  Again – the significantly lower overheads as far as daily operational costs are concerned, enable online operators to offer games to players at a much lower cost than what they would have to fork out at physical Bingo halls and clubs.

Prizes too, are larger and more attractive in the online arena.  This is mostly thanks to the beauty of the progressive jackpot system.  The kitty in a progressive jackpot prize is accumulated by setting aside a percentage of each participant’s buy-in during a series of games.  A progressive jackpot will continue to grow until such time as it is won.  Progressive jackpots have been known to grow into the millions.

The system has been successfully implemented to a certain extent in some traditional Bingo halls, but is much more effective as an online jackpot system.  This is mainly so due to the absence of time constraints in the online arena.

As a result, players are in a position where much less input is required, but with the opportunity of cashing out in a big way.

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